o-band tunable laser

FiberLabs Inc- o-band tunable laser ,KDDI Research building, 2-1-15 Ohara, Fujimino-shi, Saitama, 356-8502 Japan Phone: +81-49-278-7829 Fax: +81-49-263-9328 E-mail: [email protected] Tunable Lasers - ThorlabsThorlabs' selection of tunable lasers includes benchtop sources with wide tuning ranges in the C-band (1528 nm - 1566 nm) and L-band (1570 nm - 1609 nm), a rack-mounted laser tunable in the O-band (1250 nm - 1350 nm), and MEMS-VCSEL swept sources with 1060 nm or 1300 nm center wavelengths.

Broadband high-Q multimode silicon concentric racetrack ...

In the measurement, one O-band tunable laser TSL 550 (SANTEC corporation) and one C-band tunable laser Keysight 81608 A (Keysight Technologies corporation) with input powers of 0.1 mW are ...

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John Bowers - UC Santa Barbara

Widely-tunable narrow-linewidth monolithically-integrated external-cavity semiconductor lasers T. Komljenovic, S. Srinivasan, E. Norberg, M. Davenport, G. Fish, and J. E. Bowers IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics

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Gain-chip is the irreplaceable component as a gain medium for the building of the tunable diode laser or high stable external cavity diode laser. Gain-chip is similar to laser diode chip except the fact that it has deep antireflecting coating on one or both facets which significantly increases threshold of self lasing or eliminate it.

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Alnair Labs - SIT-200

The SIT-200 uses a high-speed swept tunable laser, as opposed to a broadband source, to probe the wafer under test. This enables higher-power measurement per wavelength, leading to high dynamic range.

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Optoplex Corporation

Optoplex Corporation is a leading supplier of cutting-edge photonic components, modules and subsystems for dynamic wavelength management and signal conditioning. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high performance fiber-optic products to communications networks, and provides customized solutions to instrument, defense, spectroscopy and sensing industries.

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